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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guitar Tuition



Erny Kuss started learning the art of music at the young age of seven. He was sent to piano lessons, yet he lacked the passion for that particular instrument. At the age of twelve, he gained his first guitar, and knew it was the instrument for him.
              He continued to study music from teachers until he was fifteen, and continued his own personal study. At sixteen, he learnt the art of performing from being in a Jazz duet with a clarinetist, while he played a 12 string guitar. After that, he has always been performing live music of some description.
              Erny Kuss Guitars began in 1993, when Fred asked him to teach his son John. Erny was reluctant to take this on, as he already had a different career path intended. After a great deal of persistence from Fred, Erny taught his son weekly, and the students were building up, as a quality guitar teacher was rare, and well sought after at the time, and still is at present.
              In 1994, Erny Kuss Guitars became an official registered business. Since this time, Erny Kuss Guitars has tutored several hundred students, and many of which have continued from lesson into a career in music, or become professional musicians.

Erny Kuss Guitars is dedicated to teaching musical excellence.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Erny Kuss Guitars - Clarrissa

Presenting ~
Dr. Strange ~ Theatrical Goth Rock!

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Erny Kuss Guitars is currently working on a series of posters of my hand crafted guitars and the girls of the Green Mango Tour as well as the bands. These will be avaliable for purchase mid this year on A3 full colour posters. Stay tuned for more information, to view work so far go to